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          At New Oriental, we are dedicated to facilitating the cultural and educational exchange between China and the world. Our mission is to inspire Chinese students of all ages to improve their lives and expand their horizons through a lifelong commitment to learning.



          With twenty-two years of growth and experience, New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. has become the best-known service provider for overseas study counseling and language training in China. As a subsidiary, Vision Overseas has helped thousands of Chinese students and numerous global institution partners.



          With over 40 branch offices across China, we support our students and partners utilizing a 360? panoramic approach, delivering premium quality and service in the industry.


          Contact Us

          Beijing New Oriental Vision Overseas Consulting Co., Ltd.
          New Oriental Education & Technology Group (NYSE: EDU)

          Add: Floor 6-7, New Oriental Building, No.6 Haidian Central Street, Haidian District, Beijing, 100080, China
          Tel: +86-10-62605599
          Fax: +86-10-62605260
          Email: US Business: novo.us5@xdf.cn,CA Business: canada@xdf.cn,UK Business: uk@xdf.cn,AU&NZ Business: novo-anz@xdf.cn,ASIA&EU Business: qt_europe@xdf.cn qt_asia@xdf.cn